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KoolKardz allows every child to express who they are by sharing themselves and their interests in the form of a trading card.
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KoolKardz – A Social Network for Kids!
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KoolKardz – Proud to be Me!
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KoolKardz Collectibles!
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Stand Up to Bullying!
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KoolKardz – Proud To Be Me!

KoolKardz is the first hand-held social network for kids, allowing every child to use trading cards instead of Facebook or other social media platforms as a healthy medium for self-expression.

KoolKardz is not only fun, it’s safe, and gives younger children a social media experience without the threat of online predators.

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of kids – one trading card at a time!

Help KoolKardz Stomp Out Bullying

KoolKardz is passionate about kids believing in themselves and helping one another. As a society, we need to do a better job of encouraging our kids to accept each other for who they are, which is key to stop bullying and formation of ‘cliques’ in schools.

KoolKardz identifies similar interests of children within an organization or program and can facilitate sponsored “meet-ups” with parents and children to introduce new friendships and build bonds with peers.

KoolKardz Gives Back

When a school, sports league or any other organization partners with KoolKardz, they receive a portion of the profit made from ordering KoolKardz and it’s up to that organization to decide how to use the money.

Whether it’s a scholarship fund, facility improvements or new jerseys, KoolKardz is truly a win-win situation for parents, organizations and kids!